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The community of Wacahoota is considered an unincorporated community located within the Alachua, Levy, and Marion counties in Florida. Back in the 19th century, the place was labeled as Wacahootee or Wacahootie on the maps. 

The meaning behind these words seems to be taken from the combination of Spanish vaca, “cow”, and Muscogee hute or hoti, “Cowpen”. The reasoning behind giving the place these names are most likely due to the native Americans living around Payne’s Prairie in the 18th and early 19th centuries owning large herds of cattle, and Wacahoota was likely the site of one or more cowpens used by them.

Although the place may seem a bit less populated, the community is still more diverse than other surrounding areas for its size. Within the 50-mile radius of Wacahoota, you can find many great places to visit such as Lake City (Florida) in the north, which is well-known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities that attract visitors year-round. This pristine part of Florida is a natural theme park for outdoor enthusiasts, festival goers, music lovers, or those who simply want to spend a little time in a quiet, tranquil setting.

There is also the Jennings State Forest — Hammock Campground, which is a Fido-friendly staying spot allowing pets. The place is really primitive, meaning there is practically no access to showers, electricity, or RV hookups. You won’t find any RVs at all, in fact, the campground’s ten sites are set aside for tent campers only— all of which you can find just 49 miles northeast of Wacahoota.

What Services Do We Offer

For Wacahoota, we provide the following services:

  • Commercial 
  • Residential 
  • Concrete driveways
  • Concrete floors 
  • Concrete patios
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Concrete Retaining walls
  • Concrete Sidewalks 
  • Concrete Foundation repairs 

If you’re looking for some concrete services along the area to improve and enhance the appearance of your property, then make sure to contact reliable professionals. Contact us for Concrete Services in Wacahoota, Florida.

Popular Places In The Area

  • Wacahoota Methodist Church – One of the most historic structures in the area is this old church. The church itself was built in 1899 by James Porter Smith. It is located in Wachoota Florida, just a short drive northeast of Williston and a few miles southwest of Gainesville. The church and cemetery have been beautifully kept up. It is located only a few miles northeast of Williston and a few miles southwest of Gainesville.
  • Wocahoota Farms – This farm is another great attraction near the area. The place is well-known for being a You-Pick Blueberry Farm, In Micanopy, Florida. They are proud of being able to offer the highest quality of Blueberries to their customers.
  • Wocahoota Trails – If you’re a big fan of outdoor activities then this one might be for you. The trail offers visitors a fantastic view of the open prairie land near the park visitor center. The course is a mixture of pavement and a wooden boardwalk (once you reach the large observation tower). From the tower, you may be able to view wildlife amongst the mix of prairie and forest in the area.